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The Hypnotique Protocol®


What is the Hypnotique Protocol®?

Advanced Hypnotherapy • Quantum Physics • Vibrational Medicine

The Hypnotique Protocol® is the result of over 45 years of research and development. Its roots go back in time to the healing temples of ancient Egypt and it works with the application of advanced hypnotherapy, knowledge of quantum physics and the power of vibrational medicine. The Hypnotique Protocol® is a revolutionary process that enables anyone to breakthrough, breakout and breakfree from anything in consciousness that has held them back from successfully moving on in life.

While the Hypnotique Protocol® is as old as time, it is also a cutting edge 21st century methodology that works with specialised knowledge of the human mind known to the ancient Egyptians and applied by them for healing purposes. It also works with advanced and sophisticated hypnosis techniques, neural pathways in the brain and brings the dynamic power and intelligence of nature to change established behaviours, habits and thought patterns.

Breakthrough • Breakout • Breakfree™

Using advanced hypnosis techniques coupled with a knowledge of quantum physics and the power of vibrational medicine the Hypnotique Protocol® is a breakthrough – a quantum shift in the world of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

  • Are you stuck?
  • Do you need to break out of old habits and old ways of doing things?
  • Is there something holding you back?

Many people feel that they are ‘stuck’ and cannot move forward or embrace the next chapter in their life. They feel as if they have hit a brick wall or are restricted by their own ‘glass ceiling’ and as a result are unable to break through and seize the amazing opportunities that await them.

If you feel that something is preventing you from breaking through and moving forward into the next phase of your life irrespective of whether you know what it is or not, I can help you with the Hypnotique Protocol® program. This powerful process can help you move beyond whatever you feel is holding you back in consciousness and in life.

Everything is Energy – Everything Has a Frequency

Everything, including our thoughts, is made up of light, energy, waveforms, vibration and patterns. Everything that exists has a frequency, a pattern it is resonating at and an energetic form. Some of these we can see, touch, hear and feel and some, like our thoughts, we cannot. Scientists are only now beginning to understand the power of vibrational frequencies, their corresponding energetic forms and their profound influence on all aspects of physicality and human life.

Change Your Existing Reality

If an individual wishes to change their existing reality then in order to change that reality they will have to change their existing vibrational frequency and energetic thought patterns to some degree. In other words, an existing matrix or reality in a person’s consciousness that is based on thought patterns will need to be changed in order for the individual’s thoughts to come into accord with the new reality and energetic frequency.

What Program Are You Tuned To?

To change an existing reality is a process of adjusting, attuning and aligning to new thought patterns in order to come into accord with a desired outcome or frequency. It can be likened to listening to a radio station which operates at a certain frequency and has a certain type of program or plays a certain type of music. If you want to tune into another program and have a different reality and experience of what is playing, then you will have to change the radio station. To do that you must change the radio frequency that you are currently tuned into.

Tune Into A New Reality

In my work with clients I work with them to identify the current program in consciousness, reality, frequency or thought patterns they are tuned into and are operating at or listening to by default or habit. I look at the new pattern, reality or frequency that they desire and I work with them to change their existing energetic frequency or program to the desired one through the use of the Hypnotique Protocol®.

The process of adjusting, attuning and aligning to a new reality, energetic frequency or thought pattern in consciousness occurs through the use of advanced hypnosis techniques and an understanding of quantum physics and the power of vibrational medicine. This enables an individual to come into alignment and accord with their desired outcome at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Begin your quantum leap in consciousness today

“The Hypnotique Protocol® is where the power of vibrational medicine meets
the science of consciousness and the human mind.
In just minutes, patterns, habits, beliefs, perceptions or realities locked in consciousness
for a lifetime or longer can be totally transformed.”

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber