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Stories from Franchelle’s Clients

I bring you exciting and life changing holistic wellbeing options that I believe you will not find anywhere else. Explore the empowering world of hypnotherapy and the dynamic realm of metaphysical possibilities with me in the comfort and convenience of your own personal or professional space.

“I highly recommend Franchelle as a hypnotherapist”

In 2019 I had a series of consecutive hypnotherapy sessions with Franchelle over a three week period.

I am a published writer and I was experiencing a lack of energy which was affecting the writing my second book.

Franchelle has a calm presence that instils confidence as she listens deeply. She helped me to establish a clear focus for our sessions. Together we were able to explore my experiences to uncover the core beliefs that have been shaping my life. After each session I felt deeply touched by the magnitude of the shifts that I experienced and so I took the time to sit with the experience and feel into a different way of being present to myself. I was experiencing having been released from the old pattern of having the need to be a rescuer.

Since my sessions I completed and published my second book in record time. I highly recommend Franchelle as a hypnotherapist. She has the ability to meet you where you are and to draw on her extensive knowledge from working with clients on multi dimensional levels of experience.

~ Madeline K. Adams
Author, New Zealand

“Franchelle is simply the best there is. She is life changing”

I give thanks to my life changing hypnotherapy sessions with Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber and her work that I’ve studied intensively for over a decade. I used to have so much fear about these times humanity is in, panic in fact… ever since I was 5. I am now leading and growing companies and movements and holding space for thousands with a super steady heart, spirit, mind and emotional body all working together for the good of all.

Working with Franchelle I learned to steady myself and as she says be in a “constant state of readiness” to go where Spirit says to go and do what Spirit asks of me and to fulfil my life purpose and embrace my destiny. She taught me to only give fear “10 seconds”. I am so grateful to Franchelle for being on this planet and so generously sharing her very hard earned wisdom with humanity. I honestly don’t know who or where I would be had I not had her counsel in my most difficult life decisions.

And now, as they say… “I’m not afraid, I was born to do this.” I have chosen to share my experience because if you are feeling on shaky ground right now as many people are, Franchelle has an incredible range of tools to support that and there isn’t much I would recommend more, if anything.

~ Kylie Slavik
Digital Marketer, USA

“Working with Frachelle has been a vital part of establishing myself as a professional”

Franchelle has been a mentor and guide for me since my early twenties – around 15 years now. She has played a pivotal role in supporting many of my most important life path processes and has been there in some of my deepest times of growth and change. Working with Franchelle is more for me than what any words can convey, as it feels like having a spiritual ally whom I have known far beyond these times. It is a powerful meeting between earth, the heavens and stars.

The utmost care and depth that Franchelle has brought to our hypnotherapy sessions and beyond has meant that I have felt always deeply seen and touched at a level of soul. Franchelle is a powerful ally on the path, as we all walk and take our individual steps amidst these truly catalysing times. Her very special gifts and long experience with this work mean that there is the open gateway to profound inner work each time.

Working with Frachelle has been a vital part of establishing myself as a professional and in creating The Women School, my body of work, as well as in my personal healing.

~ Jaguar Star (Yolande Alice Carrell)
Founder of the Women School, Germany

“I am really grateful, I enter each day with more confidence and trust”

I contacted Franchelle’s Hypnotique Hypnotherapy after some initial hesitation, but when I experienced yet another cycle of feeling VERY emotional and VERY stuck, I made the call.

My hypnotherapy sessions were via Zoom and I looked forward to each one, really keen and hungry for change, my soul longing to hear and take on board words and new ways of being, that would pull me out of a well known pit. A big part of my focus was to have confidence in my ability as an animal communicator. This lack of confidence has held me back for years and I knew that until it was addressed, not a lot was going to happen. Now I know I can make good progress in this important area of my life.

I daily put into practice what I have learned and enter each day and the future with more confidence and trust. I am also aware of being much more present in my physical body which translates into being more confident in managing life situations such as being there for my mum before she passed away and also speaking at her funeral. It’s as if bits of me are not lost in the wilderness now, so I don’t live in the future so much and in my head. The hypnotherapy has really kind of pulled me together and inspired me to follow my dream and use my gifts.

I am very grateful to have been able to go through this process. Thank you Franchelle”.

~ Marj Marks
Animal Communicator, First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® registered practitioner

“Franchelle has so many amazing gifts and knowledge that she shares with passion, focus and integrity”

Franchelle has so many gifts and knowledge that she shares with passion, focus and integrity. For the last 35 years my conscious focus has been on exploration of my self, soul, spirit and other dimensions. During a lot of this time I worked with clients as a counsellor and energetic/vibrational healer.

I met Franchelle about three years ago when she did a personal astrological chart for me. I knew then that she was someone dedicated to making a difference for people on all levels. A very special person. With incredible gifts and knowledge.

Recently I had two hypnotherapy sessions with Franchelle which were very potent and extremely uplifting. With her amazing ability and process, I was able to go straight to the core of the blockages I wanted to work with. They had been embedded so deeply in my subconscious I had not been unable to access them. But there those blockages were on both occasions, jumping up and down, ‘yoo hoo here I am!’ I was so clearly able to see the situation and observe it objectively. Franchelle’s energy, focus and expert guidance weaved me through the processes that transformed the energy, allowing it to flow unimpeded. It was a beautiful and powerful experience.

Franchelle’s gifts and knowledge are not solely for her. But gifts for everyone she shares them with. I am always in awe of the power of spirit, unconditional love and people who genuinely want to make a difference for others, the world and the greater universe. Franchelle is definitely one of those very special people.

~ Sandra Carson
Counsellor, New Zealand

“I had one of the most profound healing experiences I have ever had in my hypnotherapy session.”

I would like to give a testimonial for my recent online Hypnotique Hypnotherapy session I had with you on my birthday. It has been incredibly beneficial and I am ever so grateful for your support, skill and accuracy in helping me to identify and heal an old ancestral wound. I feel forever-changed. Thank you!

I was fortunate to have my first ever Hypnotherapy session with Franchelle on my 40th birthday, during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. I had never been drawn to have hypnotherapy until I saw Franchelle was using it. I knew then that now was my opportunity to try this method to address some long standing emotional and mental patterns that I did not want to carry into my 4th decade of life. I felt I could trust Franchelle implicitly to ‘go there’; that is to delve into my subconscious/unconscious minds and there are very few people who I would allow in to do this. As a result, I had one of the most profound healing experiences I have ever had.

I cannot recommend Franchelle more highly. She has a beautiful, calming and upliftingpresence and works with the utmost skill and impeccable integrity.

~ Lana Raill
Naturopath, Auckland New Zealand

"Hypnotherapy sessions with Franchelle were the most liberating experiences in my entire life."

I have had two hypnotique hypnotherapy sessions with Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber. My gratitude and reverence know no bounds. These were the most liberating experiences in my entire life and have significantly empowered me.

The first session was about me being a ‘Good Girl’, always polite with a motto of ‘Do No Harm’. This was limiting my evolution! Franchelle explained that she would ask me some questions and only use my words and asked me what was the opposite of ‘Good Girl’. It is ‘Wild Woman’ which I claimed immediately.

I discovered that I chose to be polite as a young girl in a convent. I was cowering, cold and frightened. There was no sound, no music and I would be wrapped over the knuckles if I spoke. Franchelle took me back to that time, I explained that I was her older self and gave her the gifts of love and creativity which she had lost. I embraced my young self and she wanted to come with me.

The outcome is my creative wild self.

The second session was about feeling intimidated in the past by men in ‘suits’. As a woman amongst many men, I felt small, discombobulated and inadequate as they talked over me in important meetings. I re-experienced those emotions and saw how my soul had lost its joy. This detrimental story had dictated my behaviour for lifetimes. I let go of all those emotions and untruths.

My soul has claimed pure joy now and forever.

I went to an 80th birthday lunch afterwards. I was noble and powerful, filled with love and compassionate wisdom. I am bursting with joy and want the world to know how fortunate we are to have Franchelle’s omnipotent wisdom, teachings, guidance and expertise.

~ Chris Grifftins
Auckland, New Zealand

“My Walk of Destiny into a Brand New Life!"

Last year I found myself at the end of a major part of my life and was at a loss as to where to go from there. I was drawn to embark on Franchelle’s Walk of Destiny as a way to re-build my life in a new direction.

Over those 10 months, under the watchful and wise guidance of Franchelle, I uncovered talents and abilities from within me that I did not know had worth, so that I could share them with the world.

 It has irrevocably changed me.

Together, we unravelled misconceptions I had about myself so that these latent talents could be discovered anew and incorporated into a whole new way of relating with the world. My relationships with myself, my loved ones and the greater world have been immeasurably enhanced by the experience.

Franchelle used her remarkable ability to engage with my own spirit, along with insight from my astrological birth chart, to pinpoint the aspects that help and hinder my journey through life. I now know how to get the most out of the opportunities that come my way and how to navigate the twists and turns of my life. I am now, firmly, the Captain of my own ship, no longer at the mercy of fate.

I highly recommend any and all programs offered by Franchelle, knowing how patiently and tirelessly she works to empower her clients, squarely leaving all the power and work in our hands, as we are restored to the finest, most true, form of ourselves.

I hold deep love and gratitude to her for helping me turn my waka upright and gifting me with the precious taonga I had carried within me all along.

~ Phillippa Bell-Baggaley
Artist, Musician

“I highly recommend working with Franchelle, especially if you are ready for a change in your life”

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Franchelle. Franchelle was a supportive guide and teacher throughout each of our in person and online hypnotherapy sessions. She was incredibly helpful in guiding me to see what lay behind my current situation and allowed me to look at where I am in a new light. I discovered so much about myself, released feelings that no longer served me and allowed myself to open up to something new.

I felt empowered by the new knowledge and self discovery. Franchelle has been a wonderful mentor as she has so much knowledge and experience to share. I highly recommend working with Franchelle, especially if you are ready for a change in your life.

~ Ashley Renshaw
New Zealand

"Life changing and vivifying"

I have experienced both in person and online hypnotherapy sessions with Franchelle. It is markedly life changing and revivifying. I would highly recommend it.

Thank you so much for the five spiritual inheritance gifts that were retrieved and reinstated over the course of our amazing five sessions. I am loving working with my ‘Birth-Right Star of Power’ flower essence blend that you created for me. The journey I am now on is so liberating and uplifting.

~ William Baggaley
Wildlife Servant Contractor

“So inspiring and soul rejuvenating to be given on-point guidance that resonates deeply”

I thoroughly enjoyed my online session with Franchelle, it was so awesome and moving to be able to spend time with a very accomplished Soul Teacher. I was intently absorbing the wisdom that came during the spiritual consultation with her.

As a lover of the mysteries, it’s so inspiring and soul rejuvenating to be given on-point guidance that resonates deeply. It was also wonderful to receive help to understand and collapse inner myths that was binding my ability to live a soul-fulfilled life. If you feeling a call to uncover the mystery of your life, book a session, don’t wait!

~ Ian Jin Yap
Traditional Healer, Spiritual Facilitator, Malaysia

"After a session with Franchelle I have felt like all of my questions have been answered."

Each time I have seen Franchelle my outer world has opened up more and more. As an extreme introvert my inner life is very rich however, I have struggled to engage with the outside world. The sacred space that Franchelle creates and holds within each session has allowed me to deeply trust the process and taught me how to do that for myself. When I had my first session I left with absolute and unquestioning clarity as to my life purpose and what I needed to do to get myself in alignment. I still refer to my notes from that session many years ago and as I get further along my healing journey those keys are continuing to unlock more and more of my potential.

I have also had a past life hypnotherapy session with Franchelle, looking for lives where I had felt successful (so that I could bring that into the present). We explored four lifetimes, which were distinct and different, and I can feel each of those soul experiences deep in my bones. This session gave me confidence in my wisdom, in my innate talents and my gnosis. They all weaved into what I do in this lifetime, and while I have done the training and received my qualifications, I now have more confidence in my work. I have natural inclinations and knowledge I couldn’t explain or fully trust before and now that I have a context for those gifts I feel less blocked, more inspired and able to engage and develop them.

I will be forever grateful to Franchelle for her direct and strong guidance. She is non-judgemental, generous, insightful and incredibly kind in her delivery of life-changing counsel. She is able to get to the crux of an issue with laser point accuracy and facilitate complete and lasting transformation. After each session I have felt like all of my questions have been answered and I know exactly what I need to do and how to do it.

~ Stephanie Young
Medical Herbalist, Naturopath, Tarot & Astrology Reader, Wellware Collections

"A precious gift of nurturing to my personal journey and quest"

I recently had the privilege of experiencing a one to one, private specialised spiritual consultancy session with Franchelle. In that short space of time, she highlighted and shed light on two major areas of my life’s journey that gave me totally credible keys to doors that had previously remained closed to me.

~ Robert James Haywood
Music Medicine Man, Author, International Workshop Facilitator

“Thank you Franchelle for your ability to help and transform me. You have literally changed my life.”

I went to Franchelle after hearing through the grapevine how she had helped a colleague of mine with confidence issues and I had a sense that Franchelle could help me. My own issue was a very debilitating level of insecurity which was seriously affecting my career prospects. I have always been insecure, particularly about my appearance, my looks and my overall abilities – not a good attribute for someone in the entertainment industry.

I had a series of five hypnotherapy sessions with Franchelle and I am a completely different person. I no longer suffer from insecurity or worry what others think about me and I am finally at peace with my appearance. I can finally get on with my life instead of suffering through each day endlessly worrying what people are thinking about me and wondering how they are judging me and what I do.

Two weeks after my final hypnotherapy session with Franchelle, I auditioned for and was offered a role in an upcoming production – a role that I had previously thought would be out of my league and go to a more experienced presenter. Franchelle you have literally changed my life.

Thank you Franchelle for your 100% commitment to confidentiality.

~ Name withheld
Actor, TV Presenter

“I am now able to feel happier as I experience joy in place of sadness – I have reconnected with my creative core and creative self.”

I have carried a backdrop of sadness for much of my life that has coloured the way I experience my everyday world and that these ongoing feeling of sadness have meant that I have also experienced a lack of joy.

These feelings of sadness I have taken to be my way of living have felt larger than the circumstance of my life could explain. I now feel that this deep sadness that has become my way of being, belongs to my mother and the women who went before her. However knowing this has not made this sadness go away.

The way in which Franchelle approached the hypnotherapy session made me able to trust in the process as she took me into a deeply relaxed place where I became open to her carefully worded and positive suggestions.

In just one session, Franchelle shifted my relationship to the overriding sadness within me and gave me a sense of permission to be able to experience joy. To experience joy without limits seemed to be a very strange and unbelievable concept to me at first suggestion. As a result of this one session I experienced having been released from my old pattern of pervasive feelings of sadness. I am now able to feel joy as a life habit. I notice when joy bubbles up from within me and I feel warmth in my heart. This has had a profound effect on my creativity.

~ Karen
International Singer, Musician