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Hypnotherapy is a powerful, scientifically proven, safe and effective tool for helping you access your subconscious mind to effect powerful and positive change. During hypnotherapy sessions you are always in control and you are guided by your hypnotherapist to create your desired changes at the level of your subconscious mind. Many people find that with hypnotherapy they are able to break free from old limiting patterns, default habits and negative programs that have been holding them back. This is why hypnotherapy is a widely used therapy for anxiety, depression, fears, phobia, trauma, losing weight and much more.

The new and exciting hypnotherapy the Hypnotique Protocol® takes hypnotherapy to a whole new level. It is an empowering, uplifting and life changing therapy that works not only with your subconscious mind, but also with your soul and spirit and with the intelligence of Nature in the form of vibrational medicine. This groundbreaking combination of tools is a quantum leap in the practice of clinical hypnotherapy. It enables you to create profound holistic changes in your life and reclaim your power and freedom on all levels of your being, including soul and spirit.

Hypnosis is a state of heightened awareness as well as relaxation. Hypnotic state is natural and safe. During hypnosis your subconscious mind becomes receptive to change and you can more easily reprogram your mind to achieve your desired outcome. Hypnosis can help you change even the most entrenched and deep seated habits, limiting patterns, addictive behaviours and negative thoughts. By reprogramming negative default settings in your subconscious mind, you can easily, effectively and naturally create the life you desire.
Most people are familiar with stage hypnosis used for entertainment. Clinical hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis are two very different things. During clinical hypnotherapy session you remain alert and in full control of your mind and body. You cannot be made to do anything you do not want to do and you can interrupt the session at any time. My clients often tell me how wonderful, comfortable and safe they feel during the hypnotherapy session.
No. During a hypnotherapy session you remain awake, alert and in control. You will not become unconscious and you will not be asked to say or do anything you don’t want to do. Your participation and willingness to make a positive change is a key component that makes hypnotherapy effective. Your subconscious will not accept any suggestions that are in conflict with your values or with your desired outcome. A professional hypnotherapist uses hypnotherapy as a tool to help you achieve what you want.

The hypnotic state is a relaxed state of mind, and in that regard it is similar to day dreaming. During a hypnotherapy session you will feel comfortable, calm and relaxed. You will remain alert and aware of yourself and your soundings. After a hypnotherapy session my clients often say how much more attuned and refreshed they feel.

Yes, everyone can be hypnotised. Hypnotic state is a natural state of mind, where your body becomes very relaxed and you experience a sense of heightened awareness.

My super-sensory psychic abilities are a key component in my sessions with my clients. My spiritual connection with my clients is usually established many weeks or months beforehand when a client feels drawn to make an appointment with me.

When we have a free 20min online consultation we discuss your situation and your desired outcome. During this consultation you can ask me any questions and I will make a recommendation for the number of hypnotherapy sessions.

During your hypnotherapy session I work directly with your soul and your spirit to identify and clear the root cause and core beliefs held in the subconscious that are the basis of current behaviours or life situations. By being able to see into your soul in this way I am able to work with your spirit or higher self to help you breakthrough, breakout, breakfree and achieve the best outcome for you. I use advanced hypnosis techniques to help you enter a relaxed state where creating changes at a very deep subconscious level happens easily. I use my knowledge of the quantum world, the world of vibration, and the intelligence of Nature in the form of vibrational medicine to help you come into perfect alignment and accord with your desired outcome at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level so that the life you dream about can become your reality.

Each person is a unique individual and each situation is different. Some issues can be addressed in a single hypnotherapy session while others may require a longer time. Most of my clients say they feel radically better, more positive and more aligned with who they want to be after just one session. I am fully committed to helping you achieve your outcome, that’s why I offer a free online consultation where we can discuss your individual needs and goals and decide on the number of sessions required to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Hypnotherapy is successfully used to help break through blocks, limiting habits and negative patterns, transform negative thinking and create positive changes in life.

Hypnotherapy can help to release stress and anxiety, fears and phobias, overcome depression, grief and sleep disorders, lose weight and much more.

Speakers, performers, politicians and business people use hypnotherapy to naturally boost self-confidence and express their innate talents and gifts.

Sportspeople use hypnotherapy to increase focus and motivation and to release stress and anxiety.

Hypnotherapy and in particular Virtual Gastric Band is a popular natural non-surgical and non-intrusive method for helping you to lose weight.

Many people around the world are using hypnotherapy every day as a tool to help them relax, think more positively and to reach their highest potential.

Hypnotherapy is an effective and versatile tool to help you achieve your goals.

If you are not sure if hypnotherapy can help you, book your free online consultation with me and we can discuss your individual situation and needs.

Many people feel that they are ‘stuck’ in some area of their life. They feel as if they have hit a brick wall or are restricted by their own ‘glass ceiling’ and as a result are unable to break through and seize the amazing opportunities that await them.
Hypnotherapy helps you to tap into and access the limitless power of your subconscious mind so you can break through barriers, move forward and become who you want to be.
Hypnotherapy is a fast acting, proven, effective and popular method for creating change in any area of life.. health, money, career, spirituality, relationships, personal development, self-image and more.

Yes, my clients say how much they love the convenience of online hypnotherapy sessions. Both my clients and I have found online hypnotherapy sessions as effective as in-person appointments. Plus the bonus is there is no traffic, no driving, and no parking stress and you can have your hypnotherapy session with me from anywhere in the world. During the online hypnotherapy session you are in your familiar environment and this helps you to feel relaxed and enjoy your hypnotherapy experience.

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