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Hypnotherapy is a proven tool to effect powerful and positive change. I offer what I believe are the most comprehensive advanced hypnotherapy services available. Book your free 20min online consultation with me now.

Please note: I have a busy hypnotherapy practice and have a limited number of free consultation and appointment times available.  All appointments are online and start and finish on time. Please read the Appointment Policy. If you are looking for Specialised Spiritual Consultancy appointments with Franchelle click here.


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During Your Free 20min Consultation

  • I will discuss with you your objectives and the outcome you would like to achieve
  • I will then recommend one of the hypnotherapy options listed below or I will create a tailor made program for you.
  • If you choose to proceed the appointment times for your session/s will then be scheduled
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Note: All hypnotherapy appointments are preceded with a 20min initial complimentary consultation using zoom. During this initial 20min complimentary consultation Franchelle will discuss with you your objectives and the outcome you would like to achieve. The appointment times for your session/s will then be scheduled.

Appointment Options

1 HYPNO-THERAPY with Franchelle

1 Session (1hr) NZ$260.00
5 Sessions (5 x 1hr) NZ$1300.00
8 Sessions (8 x 1hr) NZ$2080.00
10 Sessions (10 x 1hr) NZ$2600.00

Your superconscious mind is the source of incredible power, insight and potential and your subconscious mind has an innate healing power. I use powerful advanced hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques and the power of the subconscious and superconscious levels of the mind to rapidly and naturally achieve the transformation, change and outcome you desire.

  • Change old limiting habits and patterns
  • Break free from outworn behaviours or attitudes
  • Empower your dreams, hopes, goals and wishes
  • Attract what you want
  • Align with success
  • Create new powerful patterns in consciousness
  • Change your reality
  • Break free from stress, anxiety, fears and phobias

2 HYPNO-COUNSELLING with Franchelle


1 Session (90min) NZ$390.00
5 Sessions (5 x 90min) NZ$1950.00
8 Sessions (8 x 90min) NZ$3120.00
10 Sessions (10 x 90min) NZ$3900.00

This dynamically efficacious integrated holistic process combines the power of both counselling, hypnotherapy and highly advanced hypnotherapy techniques. In a safe, non-judgmental, neutral and completely confidential space you can effectively explore or address whatever is on your mind. No issue is too big or too small, whatever is going on for you is important.

  • Safe, non-judgemental, confidential therapeutic space
  • Talk freely and openly
  • Explore issues with a deep level of trust and confidence
  • Gently and effectively explore your inner processes
  • Deep insight into your chosen area of focus
  • Address past, present or future issues
  • Step out into the world with a sense of upliftment
  • Gain clarity and insight

3 HYPNO-SOUL with Franchelle

1 Session (1hr) NZ$260.00
5 Sessions (5 x 1hr) NZ$1300.00
8 Sessions (8 x 1hr) NZ$2080.00
10 Sessions (10 x 1hr) NZ$2600.00

This holistically powerful process uses advanced hypnotherapy in the form of the Hypnotique Protocol® and focuses on clearing and healing at a soul or deep inner level. The soul is the vital inner life-affirming aspect of you that is associated with growth and with fulfilling your destiny or life purpose.

  • Clearing blocks or barriers
  • Clearing trauma, grief and sorrow
  • Past life healing and clearing
  • Deep inner soul healing
  • Severing old energetic ties
  • Psychic phenomena or attacks
  • Advanced shamanic work
  • Reconnect with soul
  • Connect with loved ones who have passed over
  • Gain access to inner guidance
  • Reclaim your spiritual inheritance gifts

4 HYPNO-MINDSPA with Franchelle

1 Session (1hr) NZ$260.00
5 Sessions (5 x 1hr) NZ$1300.00
8 Sessions (8 x 1hr) NZ$2080.00
10 Sessions (10 x 1hr) NZ$2600.00

A unique and sophisticated blend of advanced hypnotherapy and holistic therapy to facilitate a beautiful, deep and uplifting, balancing and transformative spiritual experience. Take time out to recharge your batteries. Receive enlightened spiritual messages through Franchelle. This is 21st century holistic wellbeing and self-care at its finest. True beauty is an internal state and it starts in the mind.

  • Super sensory experience
  • Release stress, worry and fatigue
  • Reconnect with your inner spirit
  • Experience inner freedom
  • Get ‘back in sync’
  • Recharge your batteries
  • Take time out for you
  • Get into ‘the zone’, power up and recharge
  • Get back in touch with your inner creative self
  • Experience the still inner point, place of clarity and calm

5 VIRTUAL GASTRIC BAND with Franchelle

Five Session Package NZ$1325.00 (1st session 90mins plus 4 x 1hr)

Virtual gastric band is a proven clinically trialled and successful non-surgical technique which uses the dynamic power and immediacy of hypnosis to retrain a person to be satisfied with smaller portions of food. Clinical hypnotherapy convinces the mind that the stomach is full after a smaller amount and there is no desire to eat more.

Includes: 2 x support MP3 recordings; 1 x 20ml oral spray Weight Support (vibrational medicine).
  • Powerful emotional clearing
  • Breaking habits tied to food and weight
  • Improve quality of life
  • Shed emotional weight and baggage
  • Creating a new positive relationship with food and eating
  • Establishing effective habits for your health



One Session (1hr) NZ$260.00
Five Sessions (5 x 1hr) NZ$1300.00
Ten Sessions (10 x 1hr) NZ$2600.00

Franchelle has an extensive and established background in the metaphysical spiritual and esoteric fields. For over 45 years she has assisted 1000’s of individuals around the world with her spiritual readings. She brings her vast background of spiritual knowledge and experience to this powerful and very popular appointment option.

Gain clarity, insight and understanding and an enhanced connection with spirit. Experience new awareness and dynamic conscious participation to your life with Franchelle’s expert spiritual guidance in this personalised and unique spiritual consultancy appointment.