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Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Hypnotist to the Stars

I love working with individuals who are looking to have the extra edge in their life and who want to break free from personal limitations and really shine.

My clients include individuals from all walks of life who are seeking to be free of limitations or restrictions in consciousness and who want to step out onto the stage of life and be the ‘star of your own life.’

From high performers, ‘change makers’ and individuals from the political arena, corporate sector, business and marketing executives to entrepreneurs, TV and radio presenters, singers, actors, performers and people in the entertainment industry and high profile media personalities…

From front line responders and emergency service workers who are constantly dealing with highly stressful, demanding and traumatic situations to the unique individual that is YOU! waiting to step out and shine.

“I know that within each and every person there is a star.
This star is a blueprint of your true power and potential.
It is only ever the mind that gets in the way
of you becoming that star.”

More Than a Hypnotist

I am a hypnotist and an experienced professional clinical hypnotherapist with a Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy. I am also a spiritual consultant, author and multi award winning vibrational medicine specialist. My fascination with hypnosis began in the 1970’s. My interest in hypnotherapy was fully ignited in the 1980’s when I worked with New Zealand’s first female hypnotist Dormia Robson, who was both a gifted psychic and hypnotherapist. I subsequently worked with author and respected past-life hypnotherapist Dr Lawrence Follas. I began my formal clinical hypnotherapy training in 1999 and I have worked with clients using my psychic and metaphysical gifts since the 1970’s.

Creator of the Hypnotique Protocol®

My overall comprehensive training includes specialised areas of metaphysical and esoteric knowledge, including extensive study and protracted research into ancient healing methodologies and the power of vibration and vibrational medicine. This is the study of what the new physics calls ‘waveforms’ and in this case waveforms that are the ‘energetic’ or vibrational signatures of plants to dynamically enhance the efficacy of hypnotherapy.

From my ongoing journey in the field of hypnosis, healing and allied metaphysical and esoteric fields along with over 45 years of experience, research and development I have created an advanced hypnotherapy technique that is at the forefront of hypnotherapy in the world today. This is the Hypnotique Protocol® which is a quantum leap in the practice of clinical hypnotherapy.

The Power of the Subconscious Mind

I have always been fascinated with the power of the human mind and in particular the remarkable power of the workings of the subconscious and unconscious. These aspects of our mind are the keys to our total wellbeing and ability to succeed. Accessing and directing this limitless and remarkable power of the mind and making it work for you in your personal and professional life is always profoundly life changing.

Bringing the power of the human soul and spirit back into hypnotherapy

I bring over 45 years of metaphysical and esoteric knowledge, training, experience and expertise to my hypnotherapy work. In this regard I am uniquely equipped to assist my clients at all levels including the human psyche. I bring the power of the human soul and spirit back into hypnotherapy using specialised proven techniques to address the holistic complexity of each individual in ways that have not been previously possible or available.

Unique Skills to Help You

My wealth of experience and established background in the metaphysical and esoteric fields enables me to support my clients at essential deep core levels as they embark on their holistic healing and transformational journey with hypnotherapy. I am totally committed to each and every one of my clients, supporting them as they embark upon their own unique journey with me to wholeness, wellbeing and success. This is a journey to be the ‘star’ of their own life, to be the ‘star’ that they were always meant to be.

Begin your quantum leap in consciousness today

“The Hypnotique Protocol® is where the power of vibrational medicine meets
the science of consciousness and the human mind.
In just minutes, patterns, habits, beliefs, perceptions or realities locked in consciousness
for a lifetime or longer can be totally transformed.”

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber