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Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Breakthrough, Breakout and Breakfree™

Discover how the power of the Hypnotique Protocol® can work its magic for you.

Hi, I am Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber. I am a professional clinical hypnotherapist, teacher/trainer, creator of the Hypnotique Protocol®, award winning vibrational medicine specialist, author and holistic wellbeing expert. With over 45 years experience and thousands of clients worldwide I am dedicated to transforming lives.

Personal, Professional and Spiritual Growth, Change and Transformation
Your desired outcomes, dreams and objectives are my priority. My client centred approach and depth of experience enables me to work with you to realise the outcome you desire. With a worldwide client base, I provide life changing hypnotherapy sessions and tailor made programs both IN-PERSON and ONLINE.

Breakthrough, Breakout and Breakfree
Hypnotherapy is a powerful, scientifically proven, safe and effective tool for helping you access your subconscious mind to effect powerful and positive change. I work with advanced hypnotherapy and hypnosis techniques, the quantum power of vibrational medicine and my highly developed intuitive abilities to help you identify and address the primary underlying cause of the issue. Work with me to reclaim your freedom and become the ‘star’ of your own life.

Deep Transformational Change
Rapid change and holistic transformation to create profound change in your life. I have worked with clients from all walks of life and I look forward to working with YOU.

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Creator of The Hypnotique Protocol®

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber


Film and Media Work

Franchelle is an award winning researcher and has appeared in numerous international documentaries and television programs. She has worked professionally with clients in the film, media and entertainment fields for over 45 years.

International Teacher/Trainer

Franchelle is a sought after teacher/trainer, speaker and author of two seminal books that are ground breaking contributions in the world of metaphysics, vibrational healing and holistic wellbeing.

Transforming Lives

Franchelle has transformed the lives of thousands of clients and has helped individuals and groups from all around the world move through blocks, discover and tap into their full potential and achieve success.

“I know that within each and every person there is a star.
This star is a blueprint of your true power and potential.
It is only ever the mind that gets in the way of you becoming that star.”

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Client Success Stories


Come Home to Yourself

We all have a perfect pattern that is uniquely ours

This perfect pattern is one that we naturally seek to fully embrace, embody and express. As our life unfolds many events or experiences can have a negative impact on this perfect pattern. Relationships, negative conditioning, loss, pain, trauma and a myriad of life experiences related to this life or past lives can impact on our ability to shine and be the star of our own life.

With Hypnotique Hypnotherapy you can breakthrough, breakout and break free from the negative impacts and overlays that have limited you from being who you truly are so you can fully embody and express your perfect unique pattern.

Transform Your Life Now

Breakthrough, Breakout and Breakfree™ from

Experience the Reality You Have Always Dreamed of

The Hypnotique Protocol® Can Help You To:


Client Success Stories

Incredible Groundbreaking Hypnotherapy


Advanced hypnotherapy meets the power of quantum physics and the intelligence of Nature in the form of vibrational medicine to enable you to create rapid profound and lasting change in your life.

Meet Your Hypnotherapist


I was born with highly developed clairvoyant and psychic abilities. For as long as I can remember I have experienced a multidimensional reality and been able to see, hear and feel energies around people, and places and understood that everything was simply vibration.

The world beyond the three-dimensional reality was the world familiar to me from a very young age. As a child I could see a person’s aura, energy field and the state of their consciousness. I would look at a person and clearly see, as well as know, the underlying dis-harmonious attitudes, emotions and mental states that were the cause of this person’s problems or illness.

When you come to see me I will connect in with your soul and spirit to identify the primary cause of the issue or problem that needs resolving. Using an extensive background of experience and a direct connection with your spirit, I will work closely with you to achieve the outcome you desire.

My clients all have one thing in common; through working with me they have broken through limiting barriers in their own consciousness. They have reclaimed their freedom, rewritten the script and are now the ‘star’ of their own life.

I look forward to working with YOU.

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder of the Hypnotique Protocol®

Client Success Stories

"After a session with Franchelle I have felt like all of my questions have been answered."

Each time I have seen Franchelle my outer world has opened up more and more. As an extreme introvert my inner life is very rich however, I have struggled to engage with the outside world. The sacred space that Franchelle creates and holds within each session has allowed me to deeply trust the process and taught me how to do that for myself. When I had my first session I left with absolute and unquestioning clarity as to my life purpose and what I needed to do to get myself in alignment. I still refer to my notes from that session many years ago and as I get further along my healing journey those keys are continuing to unlock more and more of my potential.

I have also had a past life session with Franchelle, looking for lives where I had felt successful (so that I could bring that into the present). We explored four lifetimes, which were distinct and different, and I can feel each of those soul experiences deep in my bones. This session gave me confidence in my wisdom, in my innate talents and my gnosis. They all weaved into what I do in this lifetime, and while I have done the training and received my qualifications, I now have more confidence in my work. I have natural inclinations and knowledge I couldn’t explain or fully trust before and now that I have a context for those gifts I feel less blocked, more inspired and able to engage and develop them.

I will be forever grateful to Franchelle for her direct and strong guidance. She is non-judgemental, generous, insightful and incredibly kind in her delivery of life-changing counsel. She is able to get to the crux of an issue with laser point accuracy and facilitate complete and lasting transformation. After each session I have felt like all of my questions have been answered and I know exactly what I need to do and how to do it.

~ Stephanie Young
Medical Herbalist, Naturopath, Tarot & Astrology Reader, Wellware Collections

“Thank you Franchelle for your ability to help and transform me. You have literally changed my life.”

I went to Franchelle after hearing through the grapevine how she had helped a colleague of mine with confidence issues and I had a sense that Franchelle could help me. My own issue was a very debilitating level of insecurity which was seriously affecting my career prospects. I have always been insecure, particularly about my appearance, my looks and my overall abilities – not a good attribute for someone in the entertainment industry.

I had a series of five sessions with Franchelle and I am a completely different person. I no longer suffer from insecurity or worry what others think about me and I am finally at peace with my appearance. I can finally get on with my life instead of suffering through each day endlessly worrying what people are thinking about me and wondering how they are judging me and what I do.

Two weeks after my final session with Franchelle, I auditioned for and was offered a role in an upcoming production – a role that I had previously thought would be out of my league and go to a more experienced presenter. Franchelle you have literally changed my life.

Thank you Franchelle for your 100% commitment to confidentiality.

~ Name withheld
Actor, TV Presenter

“I am now able to feel happier as I experience joy in place of sadness – I have reconnected with my creative core and creative self.”

I have carried a backdrop of sadness for much of my life that has coloured the way I experience my everyday world and that these ongoing feeling of sadness have meant that I have also experienced a lack of joy.

These feelings of sadness I have taken to be my way of living have felt larger than the circumstance of my life could explain. I now feel that this deep sadness that has become my way of being, belongs to my mother and the women who went before her. However knowing this has not made this sadness go away.

The way in which Franchelle approached the session made me able to trust in the process as she took me into a deeply relaxed place where I became open to her carefully worded and positive suggestions.

In just one session, Franchelle shifted my relationship to the overriding sadness within me and gave me a sense of permission to be able to experience joy. To experience joy without limits seemed to be a very strange and unbelievable concept to me at first suggestion. As a result of this one session I experienced having been released from my old pattern of pervasive feelings of sadness. I am now able to feel joy as a life habit. I notice when joy bubbles up from within me and I feel warmth in my heart. This has had a profound effect on my creativity.

~ Karen
International Singer, Musician

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“The Hypnotique Protocol® is where the power of vibrational medicine meets
the science of consciousness and the human mind.
In just minutes, patterns, habits, beliefs, perceptions or realities locked in consciousness
for a lifetime or longer can be totally transformed.”

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber